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Scrape data, just by asking questions. It's magic.

Scrape Magic uses A.I. to let you pull out needed data from any website or document. It feels as though you had asked a person to read it, and find what you were looking for.

What do you want to know from this article?

Scrape Magic leverages A.I. to mimic human-level understanding. It is like hiring someone to go read articles and pull out the information you care about. This makes it perfect for parsing news articles, or other long documents. Just provide descriptions of what key information you want pulled, like the following real examples :


The name of the company that raised funding

Founders or CEO of the company

URL of the company that raised funding

A short description of the company

A list of investors


The ScrapeMagic API is incredibly easy to use - just describe the fields you want back.



  fieldsToExtract: [
      name: “fundingAmount”,
      description: “The funding amount raised”
      name: “investors”,
      description: “The list of investors comma-separated”
    //... more fields  


The Chrome Extension let you extract information on any page and easily copy to clipboard, or push it to your favorite tools such as CRMs, Airtable, Notion or others.